domingo, 5 de maio de 2013


"- I need more gay friends!

- So do I! Oh no, wait! I have too much gay friends... I need straight friends!

- That's because you're a gay guy stuck inside a girl's body!

- NO, I'M NOT!"

- Ok, you like men...and you like football... you're like a man but you like men...what do you call that?

- Wrong! I don't do anything artistic or think I'm good at any of those, I cook and bake without making it a big deal like I am Martha fucking Stewart or something, I drink wine and beer and not those shitty colorful drinks and martinis, I do not identify with Madonna or Lady Gaga, I don't give opinions on others physical features or outfit choices, I watch football and do not find TV shows such as Glee or Desperate Housewives to be amusing whatsoever.

- Ok, this is buried now."

#conversas entre amigos solitários num sábado à noite.

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